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Lockdown 2.0: What Can We Learn From the First Wave?

Tomorrow, England enters its second national lockdown, set to last for at least the next four weeks. Many are apprehensive about what the next month holds, and whether lockdown will even be lifted in time for Christmas. As we head into this second national lockdown, I am going to be reflecting on the lessons we learned from the first lockdown, and how we can find light in this wintery tunnel.
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Three Ways Covid Has Changed Me as a Doctor

In early January, I was in my GP clinic, and a young patient in her 20s came in, whose only symptom was a weird loss of sense of smell. I had never come across this before, so, after discussion with my supervisor, I referred her to the Ears, Nose & Throat specialists. In retrospect, I am pretty sure that was my first covid patient.
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The Heroes and Villians of Covid

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to uproot and transformed nearly every area of modern life, it is also beginning to uncover and highlight some quite interesting aspects of our society. One of these aspects is a noticeably salient narrative that has emerged in public discourse, of ‘heroes vs. villains’.
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Finding Security in the Pandemic

As the Coronavirus pandemic unfolds and nations take increasingly extreme measures to combat the virus, every person’s life and every sector of society has been affected. Lives have been turned upside down, industries have collapsed, plans have evaporated and the tragic loss of life continues to escalate. And through the outbreak and subsequent social and political consequences, most of the things we have traditionally looked to for life security have come crashing down. So how can we find security in the pandemic?
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Mental Health in the Time of Coronavirus

At the beginning of this week (Monday 23rd March), Prime Minister Boris Johnson announce a near-complete lock down of the whole United Kingdom, as Coronavirus mortalities continue to rise exponentially and the NHS braces for the approaching avalanche of unwell patients. On the same day as Johnson’s announcement I was chatting to a journalist friend who asked me “what is your biggest fear in this pandemic?”. After a long pause, I answered: “I am fearful for my mental health”. 
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How Should We Respond to the Coronavirus?

Yesterday (Wednesday 11th March), the World Health Organisation declared the Coronavirus a World Pandemic. Over the past few weeks, I am struggling to remember a single day in which someone has not asked me a question related to the Coronavirus, either at work, church, social gatherings or online. Our bulletins, social media and public discourse are completely saturated with the unfolding events, statements, debates, and opinions related to the global outbreak.
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